The Platypus PlusBottle Collapses To Save Space, Is The Perfect Travel Water Bottle

The Platypus PlusBottle is a soft, flexible water bottle that when emptied, takes up almost no space. It's perfect for anything from day hikes to plane rides.

If you're one of those people that likes to have water with you everywhere you go, you know how annoying traditional water bottles can be to carry around. The Platypus line of bottles (the PlusBottle being the best designed) collapses to almost nothing when it's empty — just flatten it out and roll it up. It's also lighter than your average bottle, and is quite inexpensive at only $US12 (on Amazon).

It isn't the only bottle of its type, but it does seem to be one of the most popular and the best designed, with a small loop on the end that you can use as a carabiner clip (for you hikers out there. Other brands include the Vapur Anti-Bottle (with which I have personal experience, and can vouch for) and the Evernew bottle.

The only downside of water bottles like this is that you really can't drink them one handed... or at least, it's a bit more difficult to do so. Still, I'd give that up in a second for something that's this easy to carry around. Hit the link to check out the Platypus line of bottles, or check out one of the links above to see its competitors.

Platypus Water Bottles [via the comments at Cool Tools]


    And the one I have (at least) can be nuked in the microwave with a little clean water
    to clean/sterilise after dubious water has been in there while hiking.
    (Leave the nozzle open a little so it steams rather than explodes)

    next thing we will be drinking out of skins again

      and skins would be biodegradable too :)

    are they bpa free?

    why would you reference amazon when these are available locally for $14 or so (for the Platypus brand). Cheaper for the other brands you mentioned too..

    Its worth noting that some drinks available in supermarkets actually come in a soft collapsible plastic container. I make a point of buying those and refilling with water. There is a yogurt drink in particular thats perfect for reusing.

    I wonder how this would go in the cup holder of my car

    I have one by Doozie - it has the Caribener and can be flattened.
    Got it at House for $2.95.

    I have the vapur one and the nozzle it comes with is super leaky, the good thing was that it has a pretty standard mouth bit and I just used another water bottle's cap on it and it works fine :)

    Also good as a 'flask' heh ehehe

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