What Is the Platypus Walk and How Does It Help Keep JLo So Strong?

What Is the Platypus Walk and How Does It Help Keep JLo So Strong?

Jennifer Lopez’s (JLo) ability to remain at peak-level fitness for decades on end never ceases to shock and amaze. At 52 years old she continues to wow us mere mortals with her incredible rig and enviable physical ability – have you seen her bust out choreography? It’s a thing to behold.

Anyway. One key part of JLo’s exercise routine is her team of trainers. Recently, one of her trainers, David Kirsch, spoke with Vogue about the workouts behind the JLo body and he shared some pretty eye-opening insights.

First of all, he made clear that no two bodies are the same so you really can’t go and adopt another person’s fitness routine and just expect it to work for you. It’s always worth chatting with a health expert about your goals and lifestyle before diving into anything new, but there are a few old faithful elements that Kirsch highlighted as key parts of his journey with JLo.

JLo’s trademark workout elements, according to her trainer

Platypus walks

This move has gained a lot of attention since Kirsch’s interview went live – including coverage from our pals at Business Insider.

In his chat with Vogue, he explained that platypus walks are partially responsible for JLo’s muscular legs and butt.

“Jennifer and I do a lot of platypus walks with a wide stance. Also known as a sumo walking squat,” he told the mag.

“It’s great for your inner thighs and butt.”

You can see a video of JLo demonstrating the move below.

A mixture of cardio and strength training

Kirsch went on to explain that along with the all-powerful platypus walk, he likes to use single-leg deadlifts, boxing and pilates in sessions with JLo.

“We mix some cardio, plyometrics, full-body, core and lower body into her workouts—they are very, very intense and she takes it very seriously, which is exciting for someone like me,” he told Vogue.

A good night’s sleep

Surprise! We know this isn’t a workout move per se, but it is a key element to JLo’s (and anyone’s) fitness.

If you’ve ever heard JLo talk about her health routine before, you’ll know sleep is a huge part of it. She was once quoted by CBS saying, “Sleep is my weapon. I try to get eight hours a night.”

Kirsch echoed this, sharing that maintaining a good sleep routine is important for recovery post-workout and will help with your “overall wellness”.

If you’d like to continue to hear health tips from JLo’s personal trainer you can check out his Instagram profile. And to see more tips on what kinds of exercises are great for a well-rounded fitness routine, read our guide next.

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