Klean Kanteen Keeps Your Water Cold And Saves You Money

It's great to always have a bottle of water handy, but finding a way to keep it cool and not weigh you down can be tricky. Our friends at the Wirecutter took an exhaustive look at reusable water bottles to find the best one around, and they've settled on the Klean Kanteen.

The Klean Kanteen has been around for a while, and it's very popular — in fact, many of you probably have one already. But the Wirecutter has decided that of all the reusable water bottles out there, this one's the best. So if you're in the market for a bottle to tote your refreshments around, the Klean Kanteen is a good place to start. It's made of metal, so it's good at keeping your water cold, comes in lots of shapes and sizes with different caps, and it isn't as likely to pick up leftover tastes and other funk from previous liquids left in there. Plus you'll save money on bottled water, which is as big a scam as any if I've ever heard one.

Check out the full post below to read more about the Klean Kanteen and all its competitors, including the previously mentioned, collapsible Platypus water bottles that we're pretty big fans of. No matter what your needs are, they've probably got a water bottle suggestion that's right for you.

The Best Water Bottle [The Wirecutter]


    Great bottles. I don't have the screw top lid. Mine I think is the sports lid which you can sip through. But it leaks so I have to make sure it is upright. Not a big deal. I also have a bamboo bottle which I love. http://www.bamboobottleco.com/ I bought a number of these this Christmas for gifts. Bamboo for work and the Kleen Kanteen for soccer.

      umm deke, where did you get the bamboo bottle in aus?

        I ordered it on-line through their site. Sign up for their email alerts for specials.I think I got three for the price of two and it made the purchase with freight worthwhile.
        They are heavier because of the glass, but I prefer drinking from glass rather than plastic or metal.

    I have 4 of these and love them. My only criticisms - the sports cap leaks (this was stated on the site I bought it from, but I must have missed it when purchasing...the other caps don't leak) and the paint can be chipped/scratched a bit easily (for instance I put my bottles in a holder on my bike, which I got from Klean Kanteen, and they're all scratched up as a result).

    Why would a metal bottle keep the water cooler than plastic?
    Surely metal conducts heat better than plastic - so if anything, a metal bottle would reach ambient temperature quicker than a plastic bottle - second law of thermodynamics

      I believe they are double walled varieties... Like a Thermos.

      But water conducts heat well, and air conducts heat badly. The metal of the bottle serves to draw heat out of the water, plus it holds the cold well.

    I'm so glad I prefer room temperature water over cold water. I just buy any old bottle of water and continuously reuse it.

    Everytime i've owned a metal drink bottle it has left a metallic taste to the water which I was not keen on..

    IMHO the original article reads like an advert for Klean Kanteen, the kind that crops up on certain 'current affair' shows. "Wow, the Klean Kanteen is an amazing bottle! We compared it to other bottles and it beats them all!" That's the impression I got anyway. I've never tried it but I have had other metal bottles and due to weight, relatively poor insulation (depends), occasional metallic tinges and non-transparency I now prefer a solid plastic bottle. For everyday use I love the Camelbak better bottle with its 'bite-valve' and internal straw so I don't have to unscrew the lid or tip the bottle. I believe they make a good sports bottle too called the Podium Chill, but I haven't tried it.

      While I too think Kleen Kanteen is awesome, I agree with you Ryan.. how on earth is this unbiased hack news.. it certainly smells of "advertorial"..

      Irrespective of brand, any types of reusable bottles are awesome - I have quite a few and I'm a big fan of Bamboo, Nalgene Platy soft bottles and a brand called Liberty Bottles from the US..

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