The Aquatina Takes A Different Angle On The Collapsible Bottle Idea

The idea of a collapsible water bottle is not new, but I always enjoy seeing the different implementations. Rather than going the roll-up path like the Platypus or Vapur, the Aquatina simply collapses downwards into a tiny, circular package that would not look unsightly in one's jacket pocket.

The Aquatina was featured a few years' back on the BBC's The Dragon's Den and while the designer/manufacturer is based in the UK, the bottles can be purchased locally via Aquatina Australia, though I don't believe the site is associated officially.

In its extended state, the Aquatina can carry 500mL of liquid. Collapsed, it comes in at around one-third the size. For the environment and health-conscious, the plastic is BPA and PET free.

If you're keen, they're $15 a pop from Aquatina Australia (includes postage), though a search of eBay might turn up cheaper options.

[Aquatina Australia, via Inhabitat]


    The only problem I have with bottles like these is the possibility of the creases cracking after a short while from the stress of frequent extension and compression.

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