Dealhacker: Boost Mobile Broadband Dongle For Under $20

Dealhacker: Boost Mobile Broadband Dongle For Under $20

We’ve become accustomed to prepaid 3G broadband dongles selling for increasingly discounted prices, and here’s another sub-$20 deal. Optus subsidiary Boost Mobile is selling its dongle for $19 with 2GB of data included, and online store PCC has the same deal with a more generous 5GB of data.

The major concern with this deal is Boost’s data structure: data is charged in 10MB increments, so you can chew through it pretty quickly (though Facebook and Twitter don’t count against the total). It’s also network-locked to Optus unless you purchase a $100 recharge. As a low-use Optus dongle, though, it’s one of the cheapest deals we’ve seen (Virgin Mobile often has similar specials, but is charging $29 right now with a lower data inclusion).

Boost and PCC [via OzBargain]


  • I bought an old telstra 3g modem cheaply ($5) from coles, and then proceed to “unlock” it and add an amaysim sim to get their cheaper rates (and the coverage for me is perfect)

    I’m wondering if that because its an older modem I’m at a disadvantage (speeds etc) and I should pick up a newer modem like this?

  • @Duzz, is that old modem a zte? If so, check the zte web site for new firmware. Friends have been able to increase their download speeds by doing this. Ymmv, you likely will void your warranty, all the usual cautions apply.w

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