Boost Prepaid Mobile Broadband Offers Free Facebook, Poor Terms

Boost Prepaid Mobile Broadband Offers Free Facebook, Poor Terms

Boost Mobile has joined the crowded field of 3G broadband providers with a prepaid deal. While the package offers free access to Facebook until September 30 this year and only costs $79 for sign-up, what’s been revealed of its pricing doesn’t make it sound like particularly good value.

Boost’s deal, announced in a press release today but which won’t actually go on sale until April 1, will run on Optus’ network. Other than that, the only details announced are that recharge options will include 900MB of data for $25, and recharging online will get you up to 20% of extra data allowance.

Knowing even just those facts, the plan doesn’t look like very good value. Telstra’s $40 prepaid plan offers 1GB and much wider coverage. The plan will also count data in 10MB increments, which makes it potentially expensive for brief browsing sessions. Even the free Facebook deal comes with strings attached, as you need to maintain a minimum 10MB balance to access it. We won’t be able to make a full judgement until all the plan details are announced, but it doesn’t sound promising so far.

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  • Overall I’m inclined to agree, but on the face of it, $25 for 900Mb sounds a whole lot better than $40 for 1Gb, coverage notwithstanding.

    That said, I can’t stand these offers loaded with addiction bait and hidden traps. It’s hard to find all the gotchas, like odd metering increments, false economies (pay $x get $y worth), high flagfalls etc

    By carefully reviewing my usage and the fine print of plans, I recently went from a $49/month cap with no data allowance to a no-contract $29/month cap with 200Mb of data.

  • It is confusing and hard to complete but data is the new battle ground. Just watching everyone at the F1 yesterday videoing the taking pictures to send to friends you have to wonder who will make the next big move with a great data offer. 3 Mobile just updated their no contract plans, cutting a few out and streamlining the offer. I will also review this plan today and see how it stacks up.

  • Exetel offer a much better deal with $20 for 1GB (30 days to use it) or $30 for 2GB (90 days to use it). I’ve used them for quite some time and have been impressed with the service. It’s on Optus, so not bad coverage.

    It’s by no means lighting quick access, but for the price you can’t go wrong.

  • I did a bit of comparing and when you compare it on data cost alone $25 for 1GB isn’t bad, now coverage as you mentioned might be an issue depending on where you live but the only prepaid mobile plan offering something similar in terms of volume that isn’t a one off bonus (eg Virgin Your Caps offering 1GB) is the Optus Turbo Cap with $50 credit you get 500MB plus a heap of phone credits. 3 Mobile also offers 1GB on the $69 plan, but also bundles in a lots of credits. Lets wait till1 April and we can compare again.

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