Top 10 Relationship Hacks

Top 10 Relationship Hacks

We’ve already given you tips on how to pick the ideal Valentine’s Day present, but establishing a successful relationship requires more than just one nice gift each year. We’ve combed the Lifehacker archives for our best-ever relationship tips.

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10. Learn to be friendly

No, you shouldn’t be planning to date all your existing friends, but knowing how to make new friends involves many of the same skills as starting a relationship. So check out our guide for how to ask a new acquaintance to be your friend and keep your general sociability up to scratch.

9. Honesty pays

If you’re dating, it’s going to happen: you meet someone and there’s just no connection. Don’t let your state of desperation (or your horniness) keep something going when it’s clear it isn’t going anywhere, and don’t leave the other person hanging. Instead, check out our guide to how to tell someone you don’t like them without being an arsehole. [imgclear]

8. Anger is bad for you

Turns out that the conventional wisdom that going to sleep angry is bad has some scientific backing: not only will you sleep better if issues get resolved, but you’ll also dwell on them less in the long run. So try and work through the issue rather than sulking on the couch. [imgclear]

7. Think about your online presence

Recently, we debated whether or not information about your past relationships being splayed all over Facebook could be damaging. Opinions differed, but it is worth remembering that what you say on Facebook (or any other social network) can have ramifications that last. What you think of as a joking comment could stir up all kinds of trouble. We’re not saying don’t use those options; we are saying think and pause before you post. [imgclear]

6. Don’t date foolishly

Dating is, by its nature, a risky business, but you don’t have to make it worse with obvious mistakes. Check our guide to stupid dating mistakes and how to avoid them and you’ll have a much better chance of success. [imgclear]

5. Learn to survive a breakup

Not to bring you down, but we need to be realistic: breakups happen. Relationships aren’t always for life. Learn how to survive a breakup in the modern age and avoid personal (and technology) hassles in the process. [imgclear]

4. Learn to compromise

When Kotaku editor Mark wrote about how he banked time when he let his wife watch TV so he’d be able to play his favourite games, some readers got pretty upset. But that principle highlights an even more important point: if you expect to get your own way all of the time, your relationship won’t last very long. Remember: there are two people involved.

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3. Numbers can be your friend

Here at Lifehacker, we’re believers in the power of science. Every relationship may be different, but when you’re dating, knowing the statistics can make all the difference. [imgclear]

2. Use technology sparingly

Obviously, we’re not going to suggest that you should abandon technology altogether; heck, we once argued that technology could have saved Kim Kardashian’s marriage. But like all things, moderation is key. Overuse of modern communications technology can actually make you feel lonelier. Embrace the possibilities of video chat when you can’t be with your loved one, but don’t text them to come in from the next room.

1. Maintain your relationship

Relationships don’t always end because of huge, unexpected issues; often they atrophy through a lack of care. Check our guide to safeguarding your relationship and fix what needs fixing before it’s too late. Picture by Barkaw [imgclear]


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