Top 10 Relationship Hacks

Top 10 Relationship Hacks

We’ve already given you tips on how to pick the ideal Valentine’s Day present, but establishing a successful relationship requires more than just one nice gift each year. We’ve combed the Lifehacker archives for our best-ever relationship tips.

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10. Learn to be friendly

make new friendshow to ask a new acquaintance to be your friend

9. Honesty pays

how to tell someone you don’t like them without being an arsehole

8. Anger is bad for you

dwell on them less in the long run

7. Think about your online presence

information about your past relationships being splayed all over Facebook

6. Don’t date foolishly

stupid dating mistakes and how to avoid them

5. Learn to survive a breakup

survive a breakup in the modern age

4. Learn to compromise

he banked time when he let his wife watch TV so he’d be able to play his favourite games

Picture by /Getty Images [imgclear]

3. Numbers can be your friend

make all the difference

2. Use technology sparingly

technology could have saved Kim Kardashian’s marriagefeel lonelier

1. Maintain your relationship

guide to safeguarding your relationshipPicture by Barkaw


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