How To Spell Valentine's Day Correctly

Love knows no grammar. I don't advise dumping someone purely because they write "happy valentines day" on your card. But if the relationship is already teetering, that could be the final straw. Avoid unnecessary heartache by getting the spelling and punctuation right.

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There are only three important points you need to remember:

  • Capitalise both the V and the D in 'Valentine's Day'.
  • Make sure you include a possessive apostrophe in 'Valentine's Day'. The day is named for Saint Valentine, so it 'belongs' to him. (Check our guide to apostrophe usage if you're not sure why this matters.) Modern usage generally drops the 'Saint' or 'St' prefix, though you can throw it in if you like.
  • The noun 'valentine' (describing the card you send or the individual you're pursuing) doesn't have a capital. So you can ask "Did you get my valentine?" or "Did you get my Valentine's Day card?"

Accuracy isn't always sexy, but it matters.

Lifehacker's Mind Your Language column offers bossy advice on improving your writing.


    I prefer not to emphasise the VD in valentine's day.

    Accuracy isn’t always sexy, but it matters. Seems to matter a whole lot more to you for some reason Angus..! Fetish maybe... :)

    Last edited 12/02/13 10:00 am

    Do we have a cite on the capitalisation of be my valentine? I'd have thought a capital would be OK because you're still using it as a name, just like you're OK to say "used to be my Romeo". Webster agrees - sorry, no Macquarie access.

    or, just ignore the whole stew of crap that it is, however you spelll it.

    Accuracy isn’t always sexy, but it matters.

    Oh, it's sexy alright.

    It's Vamlumtimes Day!

      oh you wonderful bugger, I came in here specifically to Teen Girl Squad the place.

      IT'S OVER!

    What about 'Saint' when abbreviated?

    Is it:
    "St Valentine's Day", or
    "St. Valentines Day"?

    Just sayin' ...

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