Could Facebook’s Timeline Wreck Your Relationship?

Enabling the new Facebook timeline is pretty straightforward, but it also exposes a lot of information about your past. One blogger argues that the relationship history exposed by Facebook might do your future romantic prospects more harm than good.

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Blogger Jack Cola suggests that the new timeline’s warts-and-all history of your life could backfire:

If you’ve previously split up with your boyfriend/girlfriend, and got a new relationship with someone else, all those previous “I love you” messages can be easily seen by your new partner, which has the potential to end your current relationship with them.

I’m not sure it’s as simple as that — if your partner is prepared to dump you because you’re not the only person they’ve ever slept with, you’ve got much bigger problems than Facebook. But there’s no doubt the timeline feature does pose new challenges, and needs more thought than just simply accepting a new interface. Thoughts?

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