Could Facebook’s Timeline Wreck Your Relationship?

Could Facebook’s Timeline Wreck Your Relationship?

Enabling the new Facebook timeline is pretty straightforward, but it also exposes a lot of information about your past. One blogger argues that the relationship history exposed by Facebook might do your future romantic prospects more harm than good.

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Blogger Jack Cola suggests that the new timeline’s warts-and-all history of your life could backfire:

If you’ve previously split up with your boyfriend/girlfriend, and got a new relationship with someone else, all those previous “I love you” messages can be easily seen by your new partner, which has the potential to end your current relationship with them.

I’m not sure it’s as simple as that — if your partner is prepared to dump you because you’re not the only person they’ve ever slept with, you’ve got much bigger problems than Facebook. But there’s no doubt the timeline feature does pose new challenges, and needs more thought than just simply accepting a new interface. Thoughts?

The New Facebook Redesign – Why You Should Be Worried When It Launches


  • Seriously, if you’re really worried about what you posted online, don’t post it! If you regret what you posted in the past, delete it!

    Why are people that antsy about privacy on social networking sites? I really don’t get it.

  • I don’t understand. You would put it up on Facebook, in what is essentially a public place, but you wouldn’t tell your current partner??

    This whole world is going ass backwards into… something.

    • I’ve just enabled my timeline, and I kind of see what the fuss is about. There’s very few posts by me, but hundreds by other people over the last 5 years. A decent amount of obscenity, references to past stupid acts, and quite a few of comments from people I just don’t talk to anymore.

      Not a relationship ruiner, but huge amounts amount of stuff I completely forgot about and which I don’t necessarily want gracing my profile now. When I got on facebook I was 19, and I’m now 25. I’d rather my facebook profile reflected me as I am now rather than as I was then.

  • It’s not only relationships that can wear the brunt of this, but it’s also all those other negative arguments you have with people, those drunken status updates, or telling your boss to F off.

    All these things can now be more easily read and found, and with adding new friends, or new co-workers, or even your boss, they can really get a better picture of your past compared to scrolling through your profile in the old format.

  • If, by delete you mean the little X at the right side of a message in Facebook, that’s NOT a delete button. That’s an Archive button. Yes, really. Deleting properly takes 3-4 clicks per message. I got a nasty surprise when the new FB changes came in this week, as every FB message I’d ever sent, including lots to exes, was re-sitting in my inbox. My fiance is extremely sensitive to this stuff – had she been there, it would have been vastly upsetting for her. Google+ might also be harvesting your data, but it sure as heck isn’t pasting it for the world to see. The sooner FB goes the way of MySpace, the better.

  • I think the new Timeline interface is a great idea. It provides related information in a clear, easy to use format that allows for greater interactivity between users.

    The downside is not a fault of Facebook. Facebook did not make those posts in the past.

    So, if you have to spend a bit of time cleaning up your own dirty laundry – so be it. it is worth it.

    The tools are there to use..

  • here’s the catch…you need to click on “view as” someone else to see what’s really there! I thought I had it good to go when I did that and found a couple of posts from an ex still there…since these posts don’t show on my records I can’t delete them, so I’m stuck with having them on my timeline either I like it or not!

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