Five Apps That Could Have Saved The Kardashian Marriage

OK, nobody was shocked when famous-for-being-famous couple Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries announced they were getting divorced after 72 days of marriage. It's entirely conceivable the whole thing is an elaborate PR stunt, but assuming the two really did want to stay married, here are our suggestions for how technology could have helped them stay together.

Yes, our tongue is slightly in our cheek here (hey, it's a public holiday in Melbourne!), but we have discussed the notion of using the iPhone as a marriage counselling tool before.

1. Use the phone already

For couples who spend lots of time apart (as the Kardashian-Humphries clearly did), the basic functions for a mobile phone — making calls and sending messages — are actually the most important. It's relationships 101 stuff: if you don't stay in contact, you'll drift apart. Call cost probably wasn't an issue for this pair, but if you want to save money doing that, consider a prepaid plan that includes free calls on the same network. Picture by

2. Cards

Continuing the theme of real-world communication, sending a card will remind your partner that you care, and Apple's Cards app lets you turn any picture into a printed card and send it anywhere in the world. Just don't make the picture too raunchy. [Cards]

3. Love Maps

This app asks you questions about your partner, ensuring that you're compatible and that you're aware of important issues in each other's lives. Sure, this stuff might emerge in conversation, but for $1.99, it's a lot cheaper than a divorce lawyer. [Love Maps]

4. Words With Friends

This app would have two benefits. Firstly, it would provide a fun collaborative game which would again create an additional source of connection between Kim and Kris. Secondly, it might improve their spelling (judging from their Twitter feeds, that's definitely needed). [Words With Friends]

5. eBay

Because if it really doesn't work out, you'll need to sell all the wedding presents. [eBay]

What apps would you recommend for a celebrity couple in crisis? Share your ideas in the comments.


    >implying anyone cares about the Kardashians

      This! +1

    I would probably never have even known this(about the kardashians), or at least not till much, much later if it hadnt come up on LH.
    Good job...i guess? lol

    Yeah, this seems like a case of "mistaken audience"... I can't imagine many people, if any, would be interested in both reading this site, and knowing anything at all about faux celebrities. But hey, you never know.

      It's not a mistaken audience. Angus just needed a topic or a reason to write this shitty article since reddit wasn't loading fast enough for him to steal some content off.


    Seems there's a few people who are TOTALLY missing the point here...

    Seriously, this is not the forum for gossip! Obviously your editor is riding you too hard if this is the only rubbish you can come up with.

    Lifehacker readers have a higher IQ than most, so we don't want to read this crap

    The few sites on the net not about gossip...and not this one is no good to me anymore

    It would have been funnier of they had "spy" apps and "gps tracking" apps on this list

    What about the Rounds app on FB?

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