10 Tips To Survive Valentine's Day

If case you've forgotten (we hope you haven't), Valentine's Day is on this Sunday. If you're ill prepared for the special occasion (we hope you aren't), we've got you covered. We have assembled a collection of Lifehacker Australia's best Valentine's Day and relationship advice to give you some pointers for last-minute preparations.

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You might not care for Valentine's Day because it's such a commercialised "holiday" where the main objective seems to be blowing vast sums of money to spoil your significant other. That might be true, but it's still a nice gesture to treat your other half at least one day of the year. From pointers on buying the perfect gift to tips in the bedroom on that special night, here are our top 10 posts to guide you through this Valentine's Day:

  • Pay A Stranger To Sort Out Valentine's Day
    You’ve forgotten Valentine’s Day again, haven’t you? Time to make a decision: do you scramble for a meaningful gift in a desperate, last-minute frenzy? Do you hand over some tatty supermarket flowers and accept your fate with a rueful grin? Or do you launch into a clearly improvised diatribe against the commercialisation of romance and hope for the best? Alternatively, you could pay someone else a small fee to sort the whole thing out for you.
  • Top 10 Rules For Not-Dull Valentine's Gifts
    So it’s Valentine’s Day soon, you’re lucky enough to be in love, but you’re so disorganised you haven’t yet sorted out a present. Hit the right note and avoid the boring chocolate/roses option with our comprehensive guide to making a great Valentine’s Day impression.
  • Focus On Connection, Not Consumption, To Keep Date Night Inexpensive
    Every couple needs a date night every once in a while. If you’re short on funds (or just like to be frugal) date ideas can be hard. To help, focus on the connection between both partners, rather than the activity itself.
  • How To Create A Budget-Friendly, Personalised Valentine's Day Gift With TumblrTumblr is known as a social platform designed for sharing, re-sharing, and general public display. However, there’s a less-used feature that also makes it a wonderful platform to communicate in a much more personal way — its private blog feature. You can create a private blog full of love and inspiration especially for a specific person, be it a friend who’s having a rough day, your mum on her birthday, or your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. It’s super easy, it’s free, it’s fast and, according to the first person I made one for, it’s the best gift ever.
  • What To Talk About On A First Date, According To Research
    Chatting with a stranger can be uncomfortable in any situation. During a first date, when there’s the potential for romance, making conversation can be especially awkward. This video suggests what to talk about on a first date, according to research.
  • Learn A Few Of These Body Language Tricks To Help Express Affection
    Communication is pretty tricky in any relationship. If you want to share affection without blurting out “Hey, I like you!” to everyone you meet, a few of these body language tricks will help you be a bit more subtle.
  • Make A Duct Tape Electric Rose
    So you forgot to buy flowers for your partner and it’s too late to run out now. But you have a workbench. You are a life hacker, after all. So you probably have duct tape and LEDS and batteries? Then what are you waiting for?
  • Date Night Movies Helps Couples Find A Film They Can Both Enjoy
    Every couple has had to deal with the problem of what movie to watch at least once. You want this one, they want that one, and neither want to budge. Date Night Movies finds peace by picking a third movie that’s somewhere in the middle.
  • Maximise Valentine's Day Enjoyment With Sex First, Dinner Afterwards
    An expensive dinner in a flash restaurant is a core part of Valentine’s Day for many people; sexual intercourse with your loved one even more so. If you’re planning for both, we suggest having the sex before having the meal.
  • Bring Sex Back Into Your Relationship With Sensate Focusing
    It’s not a very sexy thing to talk about, but sex ruts happen. Maybe something awkward happened to put you and your partner off of sex. Maybe you just got too comfortable with not doing it. Whatever the reason, this video (which is mildly NSFW, by the way) tells you how to get out of a rut with the Sensate Method.

What will you be doing on Valentine's Day? Let us know in the comments.


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