Vodafone Rolls Out Mobile Usage Tracking Apps

Vodafone Rolls Out Mobile Usage Tracking Apps

One of the side effects of the push towards greater transparency in phone charging has been a rise in the number of apps on offer for customers to track their usage. Vodafone is the latest entrant in this crowd, offering iOS and Android apps to track your balance.

The free My Vodafone apps offer the expected round of services: usage tracking, store locators, and updates on any network problems. If youโ€™re a Vodafone customer on one of these devices, installing the relevant app is a sensible move.

My Vodafone: iOS, Android


      • I run MIUI which should have absolutely no influence on this at all. Why would an app for Vodafone Australia be blocked in Australia? Why is this app blocked on ANY device?

        The point is, I’m a Vodafone customer (for now), and I can’t install the app. However, I can install the app on my WiFi only NotionInk Adam that’s running ICS.

        • Don’t quote me on this (I’m open for correction) but I believe different versions of Android Market included on different ROMs do have the potential to replace your device/region ID which ties Market to a particular carrier/geographical region/phone model – hence my reason for asking.

          I agree that I can’t see a reason for Vodafone to have their app open for any phone to install, but I also don’t see a reason why phone’s believed to be non-Australia or non-Vodafone would need access to it.

        • You’re kidding me, you’re running MIUI with a non-vodafone CSC, and you’re complaining that its Vodafone’s fault that the Android market doesn’t recognise your phone as compatable?

    • I think that’s the one I was using before I found 3G Watchdog.. it worked fine except that you needed to refresh the page twice because it always returned an error on the first attempt. 3G Watchdog (for Android) is perfect for me because I can see, at a glance, how I am travelling and it also lets me know how much per day I can use to not go over my quota and gives other estimates as well.. It’s a lot like the NetUsage extension for Firefox.

  • haha, soon as I saw this Lifehacker article I downloaded the app straight away, soon as I logged into my account for usage update I get “Service Unavailable” typical, VF you fail yet again..

    • From what I hear the app was made seperately to the backend (by a third party or something), and the backend has issues. The app itself seems pretty solid, no random force-closes/freezing up etc

  • I started experiencing the dropouts people have mentioned ๐Ÿ™ Fortunately I reinstalled ‘Vodafone Usage Pro’ and it’s showing my data usage again ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Are you serious? there’s been 2-3 updates for it already! for a company the size of vodafone i’m sure they have to go through about 10 different people as well as testing etc. I wasn’t expecting an update to come out for at LEAST 8 months.

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