Amaysim Adds Android App

Amaysim is a fairly popular choice for prepaid mobile amongst Lifehacker readers given its generous data allowances and cheap local calls rates. If you're rocking an Amaysim SIM in your Android device, a new app will let you check your balance, recharge and change your account settings.

The Android app joins an existing iPhone app which covers the same territory. Are you a fan of using apps for account management, or are you happy just to use the web site? Tell us in the comments.

Amaysim [Android Market]


    I would have used Amaysim if Optus' network wasn't so unbearable.

      And I would have used Telstra if their prices weren't so unbearably high.
      Amaysim is an amazing compromise.

        Is Amaysim/Optus better than Vodafone?

          Optus is generally considered a better network than Vodafone, yes. Of course, depends where you live etc. If you go for 'Optus', then AmaySIM is about the best out there.

            Try TPG. For $5 cheaper you get $1000 of value (which is "unlimited" for the vast majority of people) that can also be used on international calls, plus unlimited national and international sms and mms and 3gb of data. Also runs off optus

              I'd rather die than ever use TPG for anything ever again

                so much hatred for TPG it seems, I must be one of the lucky few who have had no problems

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