TelstraOne Android App Offers Unmetered News, Weather

There's no shortage of weather and news widgets for Android, but if you're using a Telstra SIM in your phone, Telstra's TelstraOne app might be tempting.

As well as offering news and weather (and not counting the associated data against your allowance), the app also tracks how much of your monthly data allowance you've used. The biggest selling point might be the inclusion of a usage tracking widget, so you can see how much of your included data you've used.

While unmetered content is welcome when you're looking at video, I'm not sure whether it would make much difference for a typical Android user. Telstra is bundling the TelstraOne app with the HTC Sensation, HTC Wildfire S and LG Optimus Black. Other Android owners can download it via the Android market, though if you're not using Telstra (and thus not getting unmetered access or a data-tracking widget) I really can't quite see the point.

TelstraOne [via Telstra Exchange]


    The android market page for Telstra One is currently down.

      I've got a query in with Telstra about that very situation.

    just downloaded it, the data tracking option is awesome. So much easier than logging on to website etc

    Hooray for bloatware! :D

      hey, if it is good then i dont care where it comes from

    Download option is gona again by the look of it.

    How do u change the city on the weather on the front page

      I'm having the same problem. I'm in Brisbane but it show Sydney weather. Would love to know how this is corrected.

      Heres how to change the front screen weather on a Galaxy S2 running TelstraOne to the city of your choice. Touch and hold the unwanted weather panel and when it vibrates drag it to the remove icon. Then toch the screen until the add home menu appears. Select widgets and scroll through until you reach Bigpond Weather forcast, tap it and a menu pops up asking you to select a location. Pick your spot and your front screen weather is there with your city of choice. Great phone.

        @Michael......thanks. Couldn't figure that out for myself :(

          Thank you for that help.
          it works

        Thanks. Exactly what's I'm looking for.

        Awesome! I tried to figure that one out for ages! What an idiotic design. It should be a lot easier to change the location. What a joke....

    It would be good if the Telstra app worked for once. I currently using 3G watchdog to monitor my usage and it bloody great.

    Have lost my telstraOne weather screen. Can only find Accuweather which doesn't look the same. Anyone help to restore it on my Galaxy S2?

    I have a Galaxy S2 and have used Telstraone quite often. I have a problem with refresh on the weather and there is a considerable lag on the update on neww and sports. In some cases the news is over 12 hours old. Surley Telstra can do better than that?

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