Inside The Ford Research and Innovation Center

Inside The Ford Research and Innovation Center

One of the dozens of buildings on Ford’s Detroit campus is the Research And Innovation Center, which tests proposed vehicle designs. As you’d expect, it has a motion capture studio and a stack of other tech gear. What you might not expect is that is has an in-house barber.

Check out the pictures below for a partial glimpse of the facility, including a bunch of gear in its Human-Machine Interface simulation centre and laboratory.

Disclosure: Angus Kidman visited Detroit as a guest of Ford.


  • Disclosure: Angus was not a guest of GM and will not be reporting on who has the cooler cars and will not be speaking about their new line up for electric cars, of which Ford has zilch coming out.

    Further Disclosure: Detroit, which should be the armpit of America has managed to swipe Angus away from his regular CES duties, for what seems like the oddest bait and switch since Batman started dating Robin. However, I may need to double check my source on that last one.

    Angus-live well on the dime of Ford – but don’t mention their troubles in oz!

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