Catch Of The Day’s Office Has A Basketball Court, A Gym And A Giant Slide

Catch Of The Day’s Office Has A Basketball Court, A Gym And A Giant Slide

OK, I reckon I could work here. Bargain shopping site Catch Of The Day’s head office in Melbourne has lots of perks: a basketball court, an on-site gym, loads of meeting and collaboration space, and a giant slide in the entrance foyer.

The Catch Group (which runs daily deals site Scoopon, discount online food store GroceryRun, mum-centred retailer Mumgo and take away and delivery ordering service EatNow as well as Catch Of The Day) settled in the Mulgrave office after a period of frequent relocation. ‘”We moved our offices four times in four years so we decided to go for something bigger to allow for growth,” founder Gabby Leibovich told Lifehacker. “We’re occupying 60 per cent of the place right now.”

The offices were formerly used by Adidas, and the company decided to maintain the gym and basketball course which Adidas had placed on the premises. “A lot of people train at lunchtime,” Leibovich said. “It’s not a large investment to put into your people, and you get so much more from it.”

The same philosophy drove the inclusion of foosball and snooker tables and the placement of meeting and relaxation areas throughout the building. “My general theory with life is work is that if you give more, you get more out of it. We spend so much of our lives at work every day. I want to encourage people to enjoy work and have fun at work.”


  • Shame about their declining customer service.

    I’d made 30+ orders with them over the years, but a recent shocking customer service experience has meant I never bother checking their sites anymore.

    Not that they’d care. They’re obviously making a ton of money.

  • Ah, now I know why Catch of the Day take so long to despatch orders! They are too occupied with all these “toys”! I deal with many online stores – here and overseas – and Catch of the Day are the slowest there is! It’s about time management had a good look at their work ethics, rather than providing “toys” to wile away their time.

  • You don’t get something for nothing, i.e. there’s no such thing as a free lunch.
    These guys have turned the workplace into a virtual hotel. Why? They don’t want you to go home!
    Yeah, it’s great if you’re a single geek who gets all excited about going to (and staying at) work.
    But the slide? Come off it! Only the fickle and pathetic would find that as being any sort of draw card to working in a place like this.
    Finally, as the others say, the service levels out of there have gone to complete crap.

  • Pretty disappointed with the delivery timeline, customer service delays in responding queries. If there was any way of rating an online business, CoTD would have got 3/10. It used to be the best site but I guess not anymore. Sends a lot of junk emails everyday which goes direct to my junk mail now. lol. I am happy buying from eBay. CoTD, please improve your customer service response time and order dispatch time to with bank hearts of old customers.

  • Customer service isn’t as great as it used to be and it looks like a mini Google campus. Don’t know why they have what appears to be a classy porn set though…

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