MS Surfaces At University Of Sydney Common Room

University common rooms can be dreary places, with desks, withered pamphlets and an always-empty bar fridge. The newly-launched TechLounge at the University of Sydney is a little flashier: it has a Microsoft Surface, Xbox consoles complete with Kinect, and a bunch of sample hardware to tease students about what they'll be able to buy when they finally get a job.

As you might guess from that product list, the lounge has been sponsored by Microsoft. The facility officially opened today. How does it compare with what you're seeing (or saw) at university? And if you're a University of Sydney student, is it actually a useful addition to campus life?


    As a second year student I can tell you that whilst the room now looks alot better then it did before, the reduction in seating is annoying as now it has the capacity for about a third of the students it did before.

    All things considered, the added power points do help when I need go charge my Macbook....suck that microsoft.

      You didn't need to mention that you are a second year uni student. Everyone would assume you were a teenager from the comment "suck that microsoft".

        Bam! High five Ben H - don't leave me hangin'!

          hey now, not all us uni students are macbook tools.

      Reduction is seating. Oh no, that's horrible because that little room was the only place in the entire campus that you could find a seat. It's not like anywhere else had a chair right? Oh wait, there's a billion chairs both upstairs in the international lounge and downstairs in the library and wait ... omg there's even chairs outside in the open area and these super funky chairs on the lawn oustide. What a tool. Complain for the sake of complaining.

      Wow, what immature responses to a well articulated critique of the upgrades. I find it interesting how quickly people can react and throw insults online. Would you do that in person? What has the internet done to manners and a basic sense of respect?

    could think of some better ways Usyd couldve spent that money..have the powers that be sat in a lecture theatre recently?

      Isn't that the truth.

      I wish more lecture rooms where like the ones in the law building

      It's sponsored by Microsoft chief - they provided the technology.

      The lounge itself is a bit smaller than I expected but is still pretty damn cool. The juxtaposition between the retro decor and the ultramodern, super-innovative tech (not sure why Microsoft gets such a bad rep when it comes to this; they have proved to out innovate practically every rival in recent years) coming from Microsoft is stunning. The Kinect and Surface units are also good social tools, friends and strangers alike can socialise using them.

    It's just the space is now utilized where before you would always find an empty "seat". (although the awkward green things were ok to eat your lunch on they were not comfortable to study at or use a computer on)

    Don't worry, there are other quiet, under-utilized study spaces in the uni... but if I told where they are I'd have to kill you :P

    It seems to be a pretty cool idea... vintage sofa chairs rock, need more :D

    The third and last image make it look a lot bigger than it actually is in real life =P

    Wow those tv's look like they have no bezel.

      Samsung 7 Series

    A nice place to goof off during the day

    The idea is fantastic - but it kind of misses the size of usyd. In a campus of almost 45,000 students, it's far too small to get a decent space in the room. Like I say, great idea, but you'll never get more than a tiny percentage of students using it just because of the space issues...

      I was at the launch having a slushie with some of the suits. They said the space is only a testing ground to see what students want. It had 4 sections and they're observing what students want most. It's not suppose to be a big giant space. They are looking to roll out the most popular used areas into larger spaces but they don't want to spend huge amounts of money building something that students don't want and let's face it, they've done enough of that already. I'm glad they're taking the time to realise that what old grumpy professors think is cool is totally different from what us the actually students want and more importantly need. Thanks USYD!

    wish they spent the money renovating Bosch.

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