The 15 Lifehacker Posts Every University Student Needs To Read

All this week, we've been sharing tips for university students. This is a selection of our most helpful student-oriented posts from the archives.

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Top 5 Ways To Maximise Your Productivity At University

Why it's useful: All the basic techniques you need for university success.

How To Buy University Textbooks In Australia For Less

Why it's useful: Textbooks can be horrendously expensive, but there are ways to save.

Study More Effectively With Scientifically-Tested Techniques

Why it's useful: Because the power of science compels you. Also, who wants to have to repeat a subject because of poor study technique?

Dealhacker: The Best Student Tech Discounts In Australia

Why it's useful: Because cheap.

Ask LH: How Can I Find My First Job In Australia?

Why it's useful: Tertiary education and job-hunting can be a scary combination — here's how to get started.

A Student's Guide To Using The Kindle For Research

Why it's useful: As a textbook repository and research tool, the Kindle is mega-helpful. This guide explains how to make the most of it.

Why Technology Won't Stop Plagiarism

Why it's useful: Plagiarism is bad. Don't do it. But whether you'll be caught is another question entirely.

Express Plus Is A Centrelink App For Students

Why it's useful: If you're an Austudy recipient, this will track your payments.

Ask LH: How Can I Eat Well On A Student Budget?

Why it's useful: Because you can't live on 2-minute noodles for three years.

Asking Lots Of Questions Is The Key To University Success

Why it's useful: It should be obvious, but I sat through enough mute tutorials to realise many people never learn this.

Ask LH: How Can I Minimise My HECS-HELP Repayments?

Why it's useful: If you're studying, you're running up a HECS-HELP debt. Here's what you need to stop the repayments becoming a burden.

Ask LH: Should I Finish My IT Degree?

Why it's useful: To qualify or not to qualify? Interesting comments here from both sides of the argument.

Make Your Presentation Before Writing The Paper And Skip The Outline

Why it's useful: This varied approach can make it much faster to write presentations.

Ask LH: What's The Best University Laptop I Can Buy For $500?

Why it's useful: Because every student needs a laptop, and most students don't have much money.

Great Back To Uni Ultrabooks, Tablets, Gadgets, Smartphones And More | Gizmodo Australia

Why it's useful: Alright, this is from our sibling site Gizmodo, but it's still useful if you're in the market for new study tech this year (and have more than $500 to spend).


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