• How to Get Better at Marketing, With Seth Godin

    How to Get Better at Marketing, With Seth Godin

    For something that seems pretty straightforward, why is marketing so challenging? How can we do it more effectively? This week we’re learning how to improve on our marketing skills with help from entrepreneur and marketing expert Seth Godin. Listen to hear Seth’s insightful tips on the mentality we should have when it comes to our…

  • Top 10 Ways To Improve Hackathon Presentations

    The main aim of a hackathon is to build a basic app in a limited period of time, but your success can have as much to do with your final presentation as with the quality of your code. Here are ten tips to maximise the impact of that slideshow and demonstration.

  • Will The Ford Falcon Become A Collector’s Item?

    Ford made the unfortunate but not unexpected decision last night to shutter its Australian manufacturing operations. A by-product of the announcement is the death of a great Australian motor car: the Ford Falcon. This iconic car has quite a history in Australia, but does that make the car an instant classic? Should you buy one…