Google Enhancing Country-Specific Search Results

Google's Inside Search blog indicates that it has enhanced its algorithm for identifying when sites are hosted in a specific country. Have you noticed an improvement when you're hunting down sites located in Australia?


    I hope they also make "Pages from Australia" available from the mobile and tablet versions of Google. I haven't found a way to use it without first switching to the standard site.

    I haven't noticed any improvement, but its seemed pretty good for me for quite a while now.

    What I'd like to see improved is the mobile Maps search for Australia. Its not very good at the moment. For the Sydney CBD anyway.

    I append site:au to my searcho ensure it only displays search results from Australia...

    Country-restricted searching based on the hosting location has a downside. Many good Australian sites are hosted overseas simply because it is cheaper, and could be filtered out of searches.

    For example host such as BlueHost in the US are cheaper than hosts here, or at least that was the case when I set up my Australian travel website a few years ago. And being the internet, physical location is not supposed to mean as much.

    The Google blog says country-restricted searching is limited to domains other than .com, so some local content stored overseas should still be found.

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