Make Chrome Use A Specific Country Version Of Google

Google's Chrome browser generally defaults to determining your location using your IP address and customising its search domain using that information (so Australians usually see results via If you want your searches directed through a different Google domain, you can change that using a simple settings edit.

Potential reasons for wanting to change the browser's behaviour might be if you prefer using the default .com interface (which generally gets new features added faster), or if you're overseas but want results oriented to your home country or language. Either way, as Google Operating System points out, you can alter it by opening the User Profile directory in chrome, editing the Local State file, and changing two variables to include the country code you want.

Hit Google Operating System's post for more detail. That fix is Chrome-specific. If you want to change the default search engine in other browsers, check out our guides to how to change the default search provider and how to get Australian search results in Firefox.

Change Google's Search Domain in Google Chrome [Google Operating System]


    Or you can just add "/ncr" to the URL of the google site you want and it'll keep you there - eg

    NCR stands for No Country Redirect.

    also I found that if you force SSL encrypted searches it _always_ uses the american search engines... you get little to no local results.

    Now the real trick: how do you prevent the standard from automatically diverting to (I'm an American living in AUS, so would like to see every US story).

      Try . There's a little button in the top-right that says "US". Small, but good to know it's there.

        nope nor the US button work for me. I am forever held hostage to

          Hi Rich,Sorry about that. The domain redirection is controlled in the US, not directly by us, and we point out when there are issues but because of the time difference and the nature of DNS it sometimes takes a while to get them resolved. You'll often find that will work to get you to the US site without redirection if there are problems with the address.

            Hey Angus. z.lifehacker redirects me back to AU aswell :(

              Okay - I've got a workaround that work 100% of the time. It's a pain in the arse, but it works...

              1. search for Lifehacker on Google
              2. click the cached version of (I bookmark this link for future access)
              3. click on an article from the cached version of
              4. click the big green Lifehacker emblem/link at the top and it will ALWAYS take you to


      Too bad US lifehacker looks really bad... :D

    A simpler option might be for Chrome to obey some of the language settings in its dialog boxes.

    Apparently the way to avoid having Chrome display Google UI in a foreign language counter to those settings is to explicitly ADD that language to your browser's language list down at the bottom. I wish I was making that up.

    I meant to say "counter to the IP-based language foisted on you"

    I want to see all local result of china, malaysia, uae, etc countries, while physically present in india. Is there any way for doing this

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