How To Keep Google Search URLs Short

Google's default search URLs include lots of parameters which aren't of interest to anyone except Google itself, and which create needless clutter if you want to use them in a web page link or other code. Google Operating System reviews the options available to create a shorter URL.

For general purposes, an option such as

works fairly well. For the shortest possible version, you can use Google's domain and some Ajax abbreviations:

You might also want to use a country domain such as if your site or app is aimed at a specific market. In theory, you could drop the http:// identifier and (in many cases) the backslash before the #, but this won't always have predictable results. Mobile browsers need the backslash and leaving out the URI may also cause unexpected behaviours.

Hit the post for a full discussion of the available options.

The shortest Google search URL [Google Operating System]


    You could use google's URL shortener?

      What witchcraft is at work here?

      Edit: Nevermind. Got it!

      Last edited 06/03/13 10:54 pm

    It's probably worth pointing out that much of those parameters that 'only Google is interested in' relate to personalised search results. Linking a simplified search, like above, is useful but offers no assurance that the results someone else gets will be in any way similar to the ones you get.

    I've never understood the need to shorten URL's. Other than I guess things like Twitter which limit your character count.

    I wish Google would give us a button to save a (or otherwise) shortened search link for use in email and even sometimes linking to. The URL is so long it breaks in links sometimes too.

    There is a bookmarklet for tinyurl but I find that some places have blocked tinyurl. I can't find a working bookmarklet for

    Last edited 24/03/17 3:39 pm

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