Google Chrome Offers To Shift Searches Based On Your Location

From the I-didn't-know-this but it's quite cool department: if you enter a search in a specific Google country site (such as and Chrome deduces that you're actually somewhere else, it will ask if you want the search re-routed to the local domain instead.

I discovered this when a search I conducted while passing through the UK (yep, I'm on the road again) asked me if I wanted to direct the query via instead. Whatever browser you use, going to will usually redirect you to the country-specific version of Google, but this is a new twist. I chose 'No' on this occasion, but having the option seems sensible.


    yes but if you live overseas it pops up all the time and there is no way to switch it off.

    Google's demented desire to switch everyone's services based on IP address makes me want to put a bullet through the screen sometimes.

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