Win An iGrill Bluetooth Thermometer With Lifehacker

It's the final instalment in our week of giveaways. With Christmas roasts looming, we're finishing up with a great geek cooking accessory: the iGrill Bluetooth Thermometer, courtesy of iWorld Australia.

The genius of the iGrill is that not only does it measure the temperature of the food you're cooking (using the supplied probe), it notifies your iDevice via Bluetooth when the desired temperature is reached. It also works as a standalone temperature monitor for cooking tasks like making confectionery where you need to monitor temperatures more closely. It's valued at $149.95, but one lucky Lifehacker reader will win it for nothing!

To enter, tell us in 30 words or less what meal you would prepare using the iGrill. The best entry (as determined by our judges and their taste buds) will win the iGrill. Entries close Saturday December 17 at 12:00pm, so don't delay! Full terms and conditions here.

iGrill Bluetooth Thermometer


    I will use it with my modified eski su vide to make the perfect slow cooked steaks with butter and thyme.

    I will use it to warm the icy center of my mother-in-law to a medium rare pain in the a**. Then a steak

    I would give this to my step father because he is impossible to buy for but loves his BBQ.

    Saturday December 16 at 12:00pm???
    Did you mean the 17th???

    I would use this to cook Xmas Lunch, as this is the first time it is my responsibility! And the iGrill Bluetooth Thermometer would make my cooking perfection! Merry Xmas

    definitley a turducken! Turkey stuffed with a whole duck thats stuffed with a chicken. delicious, but big and needs to be cooked perfectly!!

    I will use it to make sure that the wine (shiraz) I have with my BBQ medium rare eye fillet is at European room temperature and not a degree more.

    I would use it to take over the baton from the old man and cook my first Xmas ham

    A succulent Xmas ham cooked & prepared on my Webber kettle just in time for the family Xmas party! :) mmm ham.

    Lisa: I’m going to become a vegetarian
    Homer: Does that mean you’re not going to eat any pork?
    Lisa: Yes
    Homer: Bacon?
    Lisa: Yes Dad
    Homer: Ham?
    Lisa: Dad all those meats come from the same animal
    Homer: Right Lisa, some wonderful, magical animal!

    to aid the brewing of a delicious St Peter's Ruby Red Ale.

    Turducken - is there anything else worthy enough of the iGrill?

    Definitely I would give it to my partner who is constantly paranoid about undercooking meat, and therefor Burns it to a crisp. My poor salmon steak.

    i'd use the iGrill thermometer to cook the most bad-ass roast ever, stick some beef in the oven at a low heat and cook that bad boy like a baws

    I would take this with me to Norway in winter and show my hosts the delight of BBQ'd lamb on Australia day (in -10C weather)

    I'll find out if it can survive the oven. If it can, then I'll probably make LOTS of chocolate chip cookies.

    It's not a meal, but I would use it to get the water temperature right in order to separate minifigs from magnets in the lego magnet-sets. It's a little sad that lego started gluing the magnets to the minifigs. But at the right water temperature, it's possible to liberate the minifigs without melting the plastic.

    Any and every chicken dish. My wife cuts the chicken I cook into tiny pieces and inspects them like a jeweller examining a diamond for imperfections. Drives me nuts.

    Rack of Lamb. Need I say anything more! Getting it just pink inside and slightly crispy on the outer...oh man...hand me a mop for the drool please?

    A goldilocks inspired menu:
    Start: Mouthwatering gazpacho (check that it's cold)
    Middle: Tasty Chilli (check that it's hot)
    End: Delicious Fried icecream (check that it's just right)

    A real man don't need no thermometer to cook food, just a nice big hot plate, a full tank of gas, tongs and some ice cold beers!

    Some of the softer people in the family might be able to use this to check their temperature or that of loved ones from another room if they get sick though...

    After trying my first vegetarian 'ribs' yesterday, I am planning to put on a secret vegetarian dinner party. Ribs, duck, roast chicken. The thermometer would both distract the guests as well as make the chicanery more convincing.

    Anything stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon! Steak, Chicken, Lamb...

    Everything is better with cheese and bacon, even more so if it is cooked just right and involves using a gadget to do so!

    I'd use it for absolutely everything, from slowcooked meats (so that i dont overcook them like normal) to puddings/pies to save my fingers from being human thermometers.

    Roast pork, with spectacular crackling, all the roast trimmings, gravy AND apple sauce. That's right. Both. And pie. Cake also does well when you get the internal temp just right.

    Pffft...why stop at a Turducken?! There's a five-bird roast with a pigeon, stuffed inside a pheasant, stuffed inside a chicken, stuffed inside a turkey, stuffed inside a goose!

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