Lifehacker Competition Winners Roundup

Wondering who win the prizes in our SECU4Bags, Navigon and iGrill giveaways last week?

For SECU4Bags, RR's tale of academic woe struck a chord:

The new MacBook Airs had been released, and I was a poor PhD student whose laptop had basically stopped working entirely. So being a rampant Mac whore I scraped together my last bits of cash (selling my violin in the process) and managed to procure enough money for a lovely new MacBook air! I then went slightly mad and thought “if I could get enough money for a laptop by selling my gear, what else could I buy if I sold even more stuff?”. So I sold my iPad and replaced it with a Kindle dx (so much nicer to read scientific papers on). So a week after I have my brand new purchases, I take them to the library in my bag and stick them under my table while I am studying French out of a book. 30 minutes later I go to retrieve my laptop and my bag is gone – stolen from underneath the table. My laptop, Kindle, and the last year of PhD research is gone. Also I no longer have most of my possessions as I sold them to get my laptop and Kindle.

As did Luke's simpler tale:

I lost a bag with my pyjamas in it. I had to sleep nude that night. You can imagine how horrible that was.

For our Navigon giveaway, here are the ten winners and their suggested location to visit in Australia:

  • Shaun Moran: Yorkey's Knob
  • Will Todd: Barrow Creek
  • Indra Arifin: Sydney Opera House (to mock Australian Idol winners)
  • Woodsdog: Black Mountain National Park
  • Vincent: Coober Pedy
  • Dean: Eggs And Bacon Bay
  • Jonathan: Broome
  • Andrew H: Humpybong
  • Chris: Come By Chance (for the irony)
  • Maq: "Just keep driving Every place you visit in Australia is unusual."

And for our iGrill giveaway, we ultimately decided to enhance domestic harmony for Joe, whose choice for where he would use the iGrill was simple:

Any and every chicken dish. My wife cuts the chicken I cook into tiny pieces and inspects them like a jeweller examining a diamond for imperfections. Drives me nuts.

Thanks again to everyone who entered! We'll be running more competitions in 2012, so keep an eye out (and make sure you're following us on Facebook and Twitter for any competitions that start there).


    Nice, didn't know I'll win. So when will be receive the redeem code ?

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