Why You Should Use a Smart Meat Thermometer

Why You Should Use a Smart Meat Thermometer

Roasting meat is a fine art. It’s deceptively easy for something to look cooked and crispy on the outside only for you to carve it up and find the inside is still pink and raw.

A long-standing solution to this problem has been to use a thermometer. But there are a couple of issues with traditional thermometers that a smart meat thermometer can fix.

What’s so great about a smart meat thermometer?

When it comes to traditional thermometers they can often cause problems. For starters, if you don’t sit the probe in the meat properly, your numbers can be wildly off.

Or if you can’t read the numbers on your thermometer through the oven door and have to open the oven to check it (letting heat out, in the process) – that’s going to really slow down your cooking time. The same goes for opening the BBQ lid.

Thankfully, smart meat thermometers eliminate this problem. They stop you from constantly running to check your oven temperature.

Smart meat thermometers all work pretty similarly but let’s take Meater as an example. A Meater thermometer is a small wireless probe that connects to your phone via Wi-Fi through a dedicated app.

You can tell the app what sort of meat you’re using and how you want it cooked. It will then calculate your request and tell you what temperature to cook the meat at and for how long. The app will monitor your oven and meat temperature and bring you real-time updates and adjustments. And when you’re done, the thermometer is rechargeable.

This means you don’t have to constantly check on your meat and your roast comes out perfect every time. You don’t even need to look up a recipe. Cooking really could not get any easier.

I’ve mentioned Meater above, which I can vouch for from my own experience, but there are a bunch of great smart meat thermometers on offer in Australia. Bunnings stocks the popular Matador meat thermometer, or you can try the Maverick range of Bluetooth thermometers.

Sure, you don’t need a smart meat thermometer to cook a good roast, but they sure do make life a whole lot easier.


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