Roast A Turkey The Lazy Way With A Bluetooth Thermometer

Roast A Turkey The Lazy Way With A Bluetooth Thermometer
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Want a truly relaxing winter’s dinner? Try this: Pop a turkey in the oven, then watch TV for a few hours. When people start saying “Shouldn’t you check the turkey?” just pull your phone out of your pocket, and tell them its exact temperature.

That’s the magic of a bluetooth thermometer. I use an iGrill Mini (about $55, but currently out of stock), but you can also use this nifty little Inkbird ($90) for a similar experience.

There’s a metal probe on the end of a long wire, attached to a little gadget the size of a nugget. Place the probe like you would any thermometer: into the thickest part of the thigh, near where it meets the body of the turkey. Make sure it’s not touching bone.

Pair the digital device with your phone, and you can watch the turkey cook from afar.

The Inkbird will tell you your meat temperature in real time (including measuring done-ness), and comes paired with a temperature graph, countdown timer and vibration alarm to get your meat just right. The BBQ Go app that pairs with the Inkbird is available for Apple and Android devices.

So kick back and relax — until it’s time to get moving on those side dishes.


  • I currently use a wireless system to monitor my smoker, do these also have temperature alerts? Ie if it falls to low or reaches a set number?

    And is it just a single probe for the meat or does it have a second one for the oven?

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