Optus Has 1.46 Million Mobile Broadband Customers

If you carry a dongle, you are not alone: mobile broadband has become absolutely mainstream. In its most recent results statement, Optus reveals it now has 1.46 million wireless broadband customers.

Back in August, Telstra said it had 2.5 million mobile broadband customers, so without even factoring in Vodafone, vividwireless and other providers, there's close to four million of us using it. And those numbers don't include people who tether from their existing mobile phone. As usual, I'll point out this doesn't mean we don't need the NBN, but it does show we love connectivity on the go.


    Might want to update the news feed on the main page as it shows 146 million which I thought to myself 'Holy shit Batman!'

    Does that include their resellers?

    I had the same reaction as Nathan!
    I think the decimal is there - just imperceptibly tiny...

    That was my reaction too. Strange font ("alwyn-new-1") - I see no chars or digits with serifs except the "1" which blends with the dot.

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