Defrost Foods In A Frying Pan

Heavy frying pans are designed to conduct heat efficiently when cooking food, and you can also use these same pans to quickly defrost frozen foods. Line a heavy frying pan with aluminium foil, place your food in the pan, and place the pan on your stove top or an oven rack (turned off, of course) to facilitate defrosting.

Bento weblog Lunch in a Box found this tip from a Japanese language book on freezing foods. Using the frying pan method of defrosting works more quickly than letting food defrost in your refrigerator, avoids wasting water with the running water technique, and prevents hot cooked spots from forming when you defrost in your microwave.

Speed tip: Frypan defrosting [Lunch in a Box]


    What's this, #wastefulweekend?

    I use the kitchen sink for heat-sink defrosting

      me too dude! nice big hunk of metal to cool down.

    U usually seal it in a plastic bag and just submerge it in hot water, ensuring as much air as possible is removed/sucked out from the bag. Fasted way to defrost meat without chucking it in the microwave :D

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