ABC Finally Updating Its Android App

ABC Finally Updating Its Android App

The ABC offers a lot of iOS apps, but its sole Android offering, the ABC News app, hasn’t been updated since mid-2009. But that is about to change.

In a tweet today, ABC managing director Mark Scott said that an update to the Android app was “on the way”. He also said that the iView app for iPhone, which was expected this summer, is in the “final stages of development”.

Scott also shared some statistics, and ABC apps seem to be doing pretty well. The main iPhone app has been downloaded 1.2 million times, the Triple J Unearthed app has 815,000 downloads, the iPad ABC app has been downloaded 675,000 times, and the iPad iView app has 845,000 users. Even the PlaySchool Art Maker app has 130,000 downloads

Mark Scott


  • ABC and ABC Tech have been telling me on twitter for 18 months now that an android app is “under development’ and “on the way” so not going to hold my breathe, will believe it when I see it…

  • The ABC should have concentrated on making decent mobile friendly sites in the first instance, then worried about churning out OS specific apps. I find it hard to believe that a public body has invested so much in one individual propriety format to the neglect of all others. The current android app is a disgrace and Iview is a challenge to view on Android devices.

    • In my experience a large part of the problem is that many people in decision making positions use “iPad” or “iPhone” as a blanket term for mobile devices and commonly socialize with groups of people who mostly own i-Devices. They want the systems build for their device first and even if they know the real usage statistics in their everyday life they will make choices just unconciously assuming that android is a smaller market not worth as much effort.
      It’s either that or somebody has been passing around a study saying all the iDiots have more iCash for them to iScrew out of them and all the managers are just going off of that.

  • ABC, I hold you out to be the thinking persons station. Similarly, Android is the thinking persons OS. How an you be sticking your head in the sand for so long. I trust you don’t have some sort of commercial agreement with Apple?
    You should also be supporting platform independence.

  • Much nicer if the ABC andriod app supported landscape screen. It’s strange to use an andriod app with the asus transformer docked with keyboard and having to put it on it’s side to read.

  • iView works fine on the Gallaxy Nexus’s default browser with the Flash plugin – NO APP NEEDED !

    Stop calling for ‘apps’ – instead call for websites designed with the mobile first approach and browsers with better html 5 support

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