Vodafone Dumps Tethering Charge For Infinite Plans

To say that Vodafone’s decision to charge extra for if you use the data allowance on its Infinite plans for tethering was unpopular would be an understatement. So it’s no big surprise that Vodafone has now backtracked on that proposal, and says that tethering won’t attract additional fees.

In response to a thread on Whirlpool which kicked off following our original story, a Vodafone representative said that the plan to charge for tethering had now been dumped:

A quick update – as of 28/03/2011 tethering is an included call type on the Infinite plan.

It’s worth pointing out that as of this writing, that apparent change isn’t reflected at all in Vodafone’s terms and conditions, which still specifically mention extra charges for tethering. If the only thing that had been holding you off one of these plans was the tethering clause, I’d still wait for that to actually change before considering signing up. We’ve contacted Vodafone for clarification, and we’ll update this post if we learn anything more.

Update: Vodafone has confirmed the changes, and says its terms and conditions will be updated “soon”. There’s no tethering charges being applied as of March 28, but no backdating or refunds for existing customers who have already paid the charges in the past.

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