Telstra iPhone 4S Pricing: At Least $63 A Month

Telstra iPhone 4S Pricing: At Least $63 A Month

Telstra has finally joined Optus and Vodafone and revealed its iPhone 4S pricing, and is taking pre-orders from today ahead of Friday’s launch. As expected, it is only offering the phone right now on its Freedom Connect plans, which require a 24-month contract.

Once again, we’ve summed up the basic plans in an interactive spreadsheet: click on the arrows to sort or filter the listings:

We’ll be publishing a more detailed Planhacker analysis later this morning comparing the three major carriers in more detail; the obvious thing to note for now is that Telstra is, as ever, charging a premium for its network availability, and doesn’t have the phone on its cheapest $49 Freedom Connect plan. Telstra will open most of its company stores from 8am this Friday for sales, and is also offering online ordering with delivery, though stocks are said to be limited for this option.


  • Hey Angus,
    Do you know if the $59 Freedom connect plan includes tethering for the iPhone 4S? ie If someone tethers with the 4S are there any setup charges? Will data used for tethering be included within the 1.5GB cap or will it be charged as extra (like the Vodafone infinite business plans)

    Many thanks

    • Tethering charges have been a rarity in Australia — Optus tried them for a while and then dumped them, Telstra has never had them as far as I know. (Also FYI, Vodafone no longer charges for tethering on Infinite, though it did for a while.)

    • In answer to the other part of your question Mark, the 1.5 GB data includes any data used by tethering.

      It’s not a bad plan offer this one. Three weeks and less ago the same plan was on offer with a iPhone 4 for $14/ month MRO. Which is a ripoff, but at $4 a month and a 4S its not too bad.

      Don’t forget dear readers that too compare plans between companies you need to convert value of calls to available minutes. Otherwise you are not comparing apples with apples (no pun intended).

  • I contacted Telstra this morning and was told that Telstra would not be taking orders online or over the phone until Friday, hence the best way to get one that day on a Telstra contract is to line up outside the store.

      • Telstra and Telstra dealers are taking pre-orders but there is no guarantee of a phone and the preorders won’t be delivered to the store until after the 15th. So you can’t pre-order one and get it on Friday.

  • According to Telstra, yes, tethering will be enabled and there doesn’t seem to be any setup fee. Also seems that data will be used from the cap as Telstra only “recommends” that the user get additional browsing packs if they use a lot of data.

  • I have a iPhone 4S and a $59/month Telstra Freedom Connect Plan but cannot tether my phone to my Mac using USB or Blue tooth (swithched on and discovrable).

    Internet tethering and Hotspot do not appear under general settings on my iPhone.

    Do I need to pay for an additional browsing pack, that is on top of the 1,5 GB/month data provided by the Freedom Connect Plan?


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