Vodafone Infinite Plans Offer Lots Of Calls And Data

Vodafone has extended its range of postpaid mobile phone plans, with a new Infinite range offering unlimited calls to Australian numbers and fairly reasonable data allowances.

On sale from tomorrow, each Infinite bundle includes unlimited calls and texts for Australian mobile and landline numbers, and unlimited mobile phone access to Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare. The $45 plan includes 1GB of data, the $65 has 2GB, the $85 had 3GB and the $100 has 4GB. The $45 plan also includes $45 of credit for other charges (such as international calls and voicemail), with the same matching pattern across each other plan (e.g. the $100 has $100 of credit.) The plans will be available on month-to-month, 12 and 24 month contracts; in practice, the only logical reason to sign a contract would be if a handset was included. Vodafone says it will make the new plans available across its smart phone range.

Offering unlimited Australian calls on cap mobile plans isn't new, but the $45 entry plan for the Infinite is the cheapest I can recall on a mainstream carrier. Vodafone isn't ditching its existing range of cap plans, but for most users, the cheaper Infinite plans probably represent better value. As ever, network coverage is a consideration, but the ability to sign up on month-to-month plans certainly makes this an appealing offer to consider for smart phone users. (One caveat to watch for: voicemail access charges.)



    I make a moderate amount of voicemail & 1300 calls and am currently on the $69 cap for 12 months (discounted to $59).

    I might be able to scrape by on the $85 plan but would likely need the $100 plan.

    Having said that the ability to get unlimited landline/mobile calls + txt messages + 1gb data for $45 is top value.

    Is this for Vodaphone Only or will 3 have it also since they are Vodaphon3.

    just hope they wont stick a fair-use policy later

    $0.25/MB while tethered.

    Suddenly that 1GB isn't quite so generous.

      Pretty sure that would only apply to iPhones, if you use the same APN while tethered its hard for them to charge extra for it.

    Not for Three... only Vodafone even though the 2 companies has merged. There is also no fair use policy, but call centres (sim dialers) are excluded!

      Went to 5 different Vodafone stroes in North Shore, Auckland. All had long lines, and pretty much nearly sold out. Will buy mine later at Apple Store online for NZ$1279.00 @7pm outright! Hopefully I will get it next week!!! For all those who already have one I've got nothing to say to you! enjoy your expensive plans for 24 long months??! hehe have fun with your new iPhone guys! BTW, when you guys bought from Voda stroes, did they give you a FREE bumper? =](chris0326 has made 21 comments)

    Do you get a choice of phones on any of the plans or do you get allocated specific phones for each plan ?

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