Vodafone Says 12-Month, Prepaid iPhone 4S Plans Coming

Vodafone Says 12-Month, Prepaid iPhone 4S Plans Coming

When Vodafone announced its iPhone 4S plans over the weekend, the first thing we commented on was that only 24-month options were available for pre-orders. However, Vodafone has told Lifehacker it will eventually be offering both 12-month and prepaid options for iPhone 4S — it just hasn’t released them yet.

Given that Optus does already have a 12-month option, this isn’t a surprising move, though you can expect to pay a much higher handset charge on a 12-month contract, and an outright buy alongside a separate contract or prepaid deal might well prove to be cheaper. While we’re still waiting on details of Telstra’s plans, it’s pretty safe to assume a 12-month deal won’t be amongst them. But it does sound like we’ll see a lot more plans between now and Friday, when the 4S gets released.


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