DIY IKEA Salad Bowl Charging Station

DIY IKEA Salad Bowl Charging Station

We’ve previously featured charging stations built from IKEA shelves, a bath container and crate. Here’s yet another variation, this time using a salad bowl.

Jon at IKEA Hackers combined the $9.99 Solbrand salad bowl and the $0.99 Nedda chair pad for a simple but effective charging station. You could adapt the same idea with almost any container, and you can use the spare chair pads for an iPad case. Hit the post for full details.

Charging station for $6+ [IKEA Hackers]


    • How does the ampere of the charger affect the phone/battery/charging? I recently unknowingly bought a car charger that delivers twice the ampere required to charge my device and have been hesitant to use it.

      • If the device accepts the higher amperage it will charge significantly faster. If not, it will only charge as fast as it can (don’t be concerned).
        The higher amperage also means you could likely charge more than one device from the one port effectively.

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