Turn An IKEA Shelf Into A Hidden Charging Station

German blogger Kitesurfer added a few innovative touches when building a charging station into an IKEA Expedit Bookcase. The charging station involves creating a chipboard panel to cover a power strip leaving the cables feeding through the panel to the cubby. Kitesurfer takes this basic design a step further by adding a digital picture frame displaying various battery charge images.

This hack will work in just about any type of bookcase or shelving, but the Ikea Expedit is a popular fixture for Ikea hacking that we've covered several times, so if you choose that you may be able to combine a charging station with another hack.

Mobilephone Changingstation [Kitesurfer1404 via Unpluggd]


    What would be better would be if you converted a power point into a USB powered wall/face plate with 4 or 5 USB slots in it.

    The face plate would be powered of course to provide the juice and you just plug in your phone/tablet USB cable etc.

    Would look neater with an iphone dock or two..

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