Make A Bathroom Sink From A Salad Bowl

Round metallic bathroom sinks look impressive, but often cost a small fortune. You can fake the same effect with a metal salad bowl.

IKEA Hacker contributor Pernille details how the 14in $24.99 Blanda Blank salad bowl formed the basis of a low-cost bathroom upgrade. While you'd need a bit of DIY expertise (and a drill) to pull this off, it's an interesting idea. You could also adapt the concept for a simple outdoor sink near your barbecue area.

IKEA salad bowl sink [IKEA Hacker]


    Apart from the fact it looks cheap, it also looks very sharp, picture some person slipping on a wet floor and hitting their face on the lip of that bowl. Blood everywhere.

    I can see the missus up in arms about the visible piping. And I concur.. sharp.

    It looks cheap. But is not sharp - read: salad bowl. They are not sharp because salad bowls are meant for everyday use and handling. I own one, i use it, it works well as a salad bowl. Nice try bit will pass on this hack.

    I think you could use any type of stainless bowl, however unless you are a fastidious cleaner you will find it gets very grubby, very quickly and stainless is an absolute bitch to clean. :)

    I love this idea, but I would rig an eye bolt secured to the wall just under the bowl to prevent the bowl from rotating at the threaded joints at the drain.

    This looks fantastic! Similar to other set ups you see in designer bathrooms, but I'm sure well below the designer price tag

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