Convert An IKEA Bath Container Into A Stylish Charging Station

Finding a charging station that blends in without calling unnecessary attention to your pile of charging gadgets is a challenge. This DIY hack turns a pair of nested bath boxes into a well-camouflaged charging station.

IKEAHacker, a DIY blog with a distinct IKEA-focus, shares a simple charging station. You'll need an IKEA Dragan Bath Set or similar box from your local home and bath store, a drill, a dremel tool or jigsaw and a few minutes of time.

Remove both containers from the base. Cut away the inside wall from each container, thus making 1 large container. Decide which side of the container you would like cords to come through and drill through the base and container. Voila! Very nice looking charge station.

Check out the picture below for a sense of scale in relation to the rest of the items on the desk.

Visit the link below to see additional construction photos. Have a favourite DIY hack to share? Let's hear about it in the comments.

Dragan Bath Set Charging Station [IKEAHacker]


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