DIY Felt iPad Case Keeps Your Tablet Safe

DIY Felt iPad Case Keeps Your Tablet Safe

It’s not unreasonable to suggest that if you spend hundreds on a tablet, you can spend more than a few dollars on a case. However, if you’re the crafty type, this felt iPad case is effective, cheap, and looks sharp.

To make the case, you’ll need a pair of $0.99 Nedda chair pads from IKEA, and a soft fabric lining. Sarah, inventor of the case, suggests using an old scarf or other soft fabric you may have lying around to make the lining.

Also, while Sarah made the case to fit her iPad, you could cut the pads to fit any tablet you like. Just cut the pads so they’re a little larger than your tablet, sew in the lining on either side, and then sew the edges together to complete the case.

With a few dollars, a few minutes of spare time, you can make a hand-made case for your tablet, and have some crafty fun while you’re at it.

Felt iPad Case [SAH-RAH via IKEA Hackers]


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