Coffee, Cuisine & Corridors: Inside Opera HQ

Around 300 of browser developer Opera Software's 750 staff work in its central Oslo headquarters, a non-descript concrete construction which inspired a sign inside the office: "Ugly building, beautiful browser". But the office itself hides a bunch of developer-enticing treasures, including a massage room, a coffee machine with more than a dozen choices and even a ball pit for kids to play in.

Opera started out with just part of one floor and seven staff and has expanded to cover most of the building, which means it's an often-confusing realm of corridors, stairwells and a surprising number of office printers. There's plenty to keep the development team happy: the coffee machine was upgraded after complaints that the existing range wasn't good enough, a massage therapist visits weekly, there's an in-office gym and a playroom to keep kids entertained, and staff sometimes volunteer to cook their national cuisine (more than 50 nationalities are represented in the office). Check out the pictures below for a fuller view of the facilities. I can confirm that the bean bags are very comfortable.

Disclosure: Angus Kidman travelled to Oslo as a guest of Opera.


    wow. what blows me away here is how many people work on opera. I had no idea it was so big. then I hear that opera is huge in eastern europe...

    My jealousy at that ball pit knows no bounds. No bounds!

    Bazinga! Also, love the bar stools :D

    Looks great. But, why all the closed windows / dim lights? Seems kinda like a dungeon...

    How do they make money? Isn't the browser free?


    Maybe they should stop playing with their coloured balls and fix the issue that breaks our website in their browser:

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