Opera 12 Beta Adds Theme Manager, Speed Boosts

Opera 12 Beta Adds Theme Manager, Speed Boosts

Version 12 of Opera just entered beta, and you can download a copy to try out today. The release, codenamed ‘Wahoo’, adds a simplified theme manager, speed and plug-in improvements, and 64-bit versions for both Windows and Mac.

A handful of older features, such as the Opera Unite media server and Opera Widgets, have also been retired in this release. (Extensions are now the recommended alternatives to widgets.)

Moving plug-ins into their own separate process is a sensible move we’ve already seen in rivals such as Chrome. Browsers often crash because of plug-ins, but this way when that happens, your entire browser doesn’t die.

We’ve recommended Opera before as a good secondary browser even if the main flow of your work is elsewhere, and that remains a solid approach. Opera 12 is a free download for Windows and Mac. Hit the link below for a fuller list of the added features.



  • Just gave Opera another try after so many attempts in the past, this time looks like they got it just right!
    Google reader runs smooth and now also has the correct toolbar with Google+ status which did not work before. Also works well on our internal sites such as Manage Engine (8.1 which is causing some rendering issues on IE and Chrome)help desk and Opmanager.

    Will be using this on a daily basis as see how it goes.

  • I’m a Web Developer and I must say, all other browsers pale in comparison to Opera. I have been using it since Opera 6 and won’t be switching. (It should be noted that I do use the other browsers to ensure compatibility for pages I create).

  • same here. always been my #1 browser by far.
    one thing firefox has just done that opera needs is the ability to only load open tabs at startup when clicked on.

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