Vodafone Opens Pre-Registration For iPhone 5 Info

OK, what the Vodafone site actually says is "register now for info on this year's biggest smartphone release", but it's hard to imagine that being anything other than the iPhone 5, which is broadly rumoured to be launching in early October. Apple is uber-strict about partners pre-announcing information, so this looks like a cheeky (and non-committal) way to get around it. [Vodafone]


    The image has "Apple News" in it's alt data...!

      Which image...? I see references to iPhone on the page but no more than Android references.

        The big banner right under the "Register your interest" heading.

        If you inspect the HTML it's the alt tag for that image, reads "Apple news"

          Oh yes.. I see it now:

          img height="277" width="954" alt="Apple® news" src="../../stelprd/groups/webcontent/documents/webcontent/smartphone-img-banner-prereg.jpg"

    Also if you go to the Vodafone iPhone page it has the same banner

    How funny would it be If it turns out its not the Iphone

      Heh there has been Nexus Prime rumours floating around...

    The catch? It's on Vodafone so for all the fantastic glass, metal and just plain fancy tech inside, you won't be able to use it....

      Didn't they changed the name to Vodafail recently? However it is, they'll probably offer the new iPhone5 on one of their "Infinite Pain" plans :)

    Herp a derp, this is simply a ruse to get more people to sign back on with their terrible network. They know nothing about the release - just like everyone else.

    I have... inside knowledge... that this is the case.

    is it just a coincidence that the SIM card on that page has the pop out micro SIM section, cause as far as i know the iPhone and iPad are the only devices that use them

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