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If you want to do anything with your smartphone beyond the basics, there's no reason not to go Android. So, as someone who has not only owned some form of hand-built computer since age 15, but worked at a PC enthusiast magazine for five years — including being editor of the darn thing — why on Earth am I using an iPhone 5s and before that, an iPhone 4? It's complicated... but also not.


Telstra 4G provides typical 4G download speeds of 2Mbps to 40Mbps† across an area that is more than double any other Australian 4G network. Telstra 4G devices, like the iPhone 5, also seamlessly operate across Telstra’s entire coverage footprint. So if you happen to go outside a 4G coverage area, you’ll automatically switch to leading 3G speeds.


The latest Android phones (and upcoming Windows phones) zip along with cutting-edge multicore processors. And Apple says the iPhone 5’s A6 chip makes it twice as fast as previous iPhones. But only Telstra 4G will ensure your online speeds stay faster in more places.


High Definition Voice calling isn’t the future. It’s here now, exclusive to Telstra in Australia and supported by a range of phones, including the iPhone 5 or Galaxy S II and III. HD Voice provides clearer, crisper calls, as well as suppressing background noise such as traffic or crowds.


One of the minor annoyances of the iPhone 5 is that is uses the nano SIM format, and replacement SIMs are in short supply if you're not buying on contract through a major telco. Amaysim has confirmed it won't have its own branded nano SIMs until November, but the MVNO is offering to hand-cut replacement nano SIMs for any existing customers who have purchased an iPhone 5 outright.


Apple's iPhone 5 officially goes on sale today at 8am. If you haven't already ordered one and you aren't standing in a queue, your chances of getting hold of one are fairly slim. But we've rounded all the key information you need about the new phone, which plans are on offer and what features iOS 6 offers.


Apple is happily boasting that more than two million iPhones were pre-ordered in the first 24 hours. The practical upshot of this is that most of its initial production run has already sold. If you're determined to have one as soon as it gets released but you haven't already placed an order, you'll more than likely have to queue up at 8am this Friday at the retailer of your choice.