The Fleetly iPhone App Turns Exercise Into A Challenging Game

The Fleetly iPhone App Turns Exercise Into A Challenging Game

There’s no shortage of fitness apps in the App Store, even ones that can turn your iPhone into a personal trainer, but many of them cost a couple of dollars and have pretty basic features. Free app Fleetly joins the growing gamification-of-everything trend to spur you into working out more with a fitness score, workout challenges and badges.

Even if you don’t go in for the whole social motivation of seeing your fitness score and medals compared to others, Fleetly offers some unique features that make it worth a try. Keeping track of your workouts, the app can tell if you’ve hit a plateau and suggest ways to improve. The fitness level score provides an easy benchmark of your exercise program progress. And the app gives you lots of positive reinforcement.

Like other fitness apps, Fleetly offers workout routines and videos as well as instructions for individual exercises (over 200 are included). It syncs with the Fleetly website, which you can also use to log your workouts and works with Nike+ and the Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale.

Getting points for doing push-ups might seem like a trivial incentive, but there’s something still gratifying about it.

Fleetly [on the App Store]

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