Today’s Lifehacker Workout: Walk/Run And Basic Exercises

Today’s Lifehacker Workout: Walk/Run And Basic Exercises

We’re on round two of our group exercise program, The Lifehacker Workout.

Just joining us? The video above shows you how to do today’s workout: 20 minutes of walking or jogging plus 10 minutes of strength exercises (5 push ups, 10 crunches, 15 squats; repeat). There are video instructions in the playlist above, but you can skip through those three to fast-forward to the 10-minute looped video showing the core exercise reps, care of Martin Reid of Personal Victory.

View the new end-of-year challenge on Fleetly or learn more about the exercises in this three-day or four-day workout program.


  • Havent been doing this… but I have been hitting the gym and running for 3months.

    I am a 20 year old male, started @ 92kgs, I weight 76kgs today, I was chubby before without muscle, now I have muscle and not fat.

    Lots of people will give up early on, Dont! work thru the pain, it will be worth it in the end! plus diet is pretty important.

    Dont give up!

  • 20yrs old. 87Kg. 2 weeks of jogging for 17mins 3-4 times a day. Cut snacking and soft drinks. now 82Kg… almost too easy, not much has changed. Still have the same life… if not just a little less video game time each night 😛

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