Poker & Mac Minis: Inside BigCommerce's Sydney HQ

Many tech companies have automated tracker systems to see how well software development is progressing. But the screen in the Surry Hills office of ecommerce software developer BigCommerce also counts down to when the weekly post-work poker game begins on a Friday.

Many of our featured workspaces sensibly place an emphasis on making sure the office is a place people can relax as well as work, and BigCommerce follows the same model, with a fridge filled with drinks and an Xbox connected to the tracker screen.

There's also a plethora of Mac Minis, which are now being used as the standard-issue computer, and a teleconference room to connect to the Check the shots below for more office photos.


    samuel adams in the fridge... nice

    always good to see a well stocked fridge. In genius use of the tracker to monitor the poker standings!!

    Love the photos. Are there any high res versions? Looks like a great place to build software.

    All that crap and you have to call the USA to cancel an account. These guys have found a great way to ensure that those cancelling accounts will make sure to tell everyone what a bad experience they had. You can't cancel your account online, you have to call the USA at the crack of dawn and wait for the prompts while paying international dialling fees. Maybe I'll drop in to Surry Hills to tell you how much of a piss-off this is in person.


    I certainly understand your frustration. It was not our intention to upset you, however we do handle all billing related issue from our North American office.

    You can submit a ticket requesting to have your account cancelled via MyBigAccount. As long as you send it from the email account that we have on file for you, and we can confirm your identity we are happy to work with you on this matter.

    Login here to make such a request:

    Note: this is different than your normal admin login, but rather an email address/password that you created when you signed up for BigCommerce.

    I would like to chat on the phone to someone in BigCommerce Sydney is this possible?

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