Bigcommerce Next Adds Blogging, Traffic Tools

Australian-developed ecommerce platform Bigcommerce has updated its tools for building online stores, adding its own blogging engine, traffic management tools and a built-in "app store" for incorporating extra features.

The release, branded as "Bigcommerce Next", will be automatically rolled out to existing Bigcommerce users. It also includes a set of new free store designs, which incorporate responsive features so they resize effectively on tablets and smartphones. Check out the full details on the Bigcommerce site.

Bigcommerce Next


    Better than the designs are the Blogging engine changes and Traffic engine. the blogging engine almost makes it possible to entirely run your store on Bigcommerce without extra hosting for Wordpress. The simplicity of the Traffic engine task list should help companies get onto the front foot before needing expensive SEO consultants too. I looked into it in more detail for a review at is anyone wants more depth

    Nice blog you have. There are many bloggingtools out there. Traffic is is the important things to do 1st. ' serve people to make more money'. I looked forward from you and details review can be found at Thanks. Keep it up for posting more powerful knowledge here. :)

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