Fun With Open Spaces: The Offices Of Bigcommerce

When you can do just about anything with an office, nothing should stop you from adding awesome art, open spaces and a Street Fighter arcade cabinet. The folks over at Bigcommerce, intent on avoiding a dull and stuffy environment, created a workspace with personality.

Bigcommerce's Austin headquarters is as interesting as its Sydney office. It features all sorts of welcoming murals, swings, laptop stations, neon signs, clear wipe-off boards, ping-pong tables and — of course — desks. While a large company can pull together something of this magnitude more easily, as they have the space and the resources, you can still bring this kind of open playfulness to your home office.

If you can't paint your own wall mural, or you can't have a permanent option, vinyl decals can serve the same purpose. If you can paint, you can just make a wall a whiteboard. An iCade isn't a full arcade cabinet, but it's a smaller option that fits better in a smaller office. You don't have to replicate what you see at Bigcommerce, of course. Think about what's fun for you and bring that into your workspace. Ultimately you have to work, but you should find that easier to do when you create a happy, fun, open environment.


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