Australia’s Average Broadband Speed: 384Kbps

Australia’s Average Broadband Speed: 384Kbps

For early adopters like Lifehacker readers, average numbers make surprising and depressing reading. So just as people were astonished to learn that the average Aussie only downloads 6GB a month, I suspect a study suggesting that the average download speed in Australia is just 384Kbps will be greeted with hoots of astonishment.

Our own Lifehacker Speed Wave suggested an average download speed of 29.59Mbps, but that number is somewhat influenced by a large number of tests from universities and other organisations with high-speed connections, and can’t claim any real statistical validity. In the Pando Networks test, even traditional broadband powerhouses such as South Korea have lower numbers than you might expect, but they still outrank our national average pretty handily.

Average Aussie Broadband Speed Is 348KBps [Gizmodo via Pando Networks via Huffington Post]


  • From the article: “Based on 27 million downloads by 20 million computers in 224 countries from January through June 2011 , the study provides a comprehensive look at worldwide data accessibility”

    This isn’t a measure of sync speed or maximum possible download speed, it’s how fast specific files were downloaded. It seems like they’ve got a good sample size, but they don’t provide any other information about what the data represents. They’re a p2p company, so this could rely pretty heavily on your uplink rather than just downlink.

    At the very least, we’d need to know how much of the data is being served locally – that’s the difference between ‘Australians have an average download speed of 384KBps’ and ‘Australians can only download from America at 384KBps’

  • watch your b vs B

    The Panda study shows Aus avg is 384 KBps (kilobytes), not kb (kilobits). That is approx 3 Mbps, which is actually faster than I can get on my crap ADSL connection.

    Your headline and article incorrectly state 384Kbps.

  • I use BP’s 3g wireless network, as I can’t get ADSL. So, I went from their 7.2MB up to their 21MB & my typical D/L went from 90KBps up to 270KBps – which is about 10% of what I am paying for.

  • It really depends on where you download things from.

    I use TPG ADSL2+ in inner west Sydney suburbs, my download speed vary from 60Kbps to 2Mbps, and the speed maintains for the server (eg. downloading a WoW patch always maintains at 500-600Kbps, downloading Champions Online can only go 60Kbps).

    But then, during the month I used Vivid Wireless I’ve seen a glorious 10-minute moment of it downloading at 10Mbps, then drops back to sad speed.

  • I live in a small rural town in Victoria. I was on Aussie Broadband but their Dslam became full and I eventually was reduced to 3mbs during evenings. I then signed up with another company resold through the Telstra network and I get a steady 18mbs all day and night with unlimited downloads and uploads…..I am on cloud nine….heh…heh!

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