Broadband Rarely Delivers The Speed It Promises

Broadband Rarely Delivers The Speed It Promises

Everyone knows that the top speeds for broadband connections is nearly always less than the theoretical maximum, but a new analysis suggests that they’re lucky to even get halfway to the mark.

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A study of broadband speeds by advisory site Broadband Expert found that the average download speed was just 3.5Mbps — under half what you’d expect on an 8Mbps connection. Performance varied amongst different ISPs, with perennial non-performer Dodo the worst on offer.

While major telcos are not supposed to advertise theoretical maximum speeds, the gap between the promoted speeds and what actually happens is still pretty wide if these numbers are anything to go by.

Broadband Expert


  • On iiNet ADSL2+ i have been able to get 2MB/s to, which is 16Mb/s which is pretty close to the 24Mb/s max. Mind you i haven’t gotten close to that on international sites (microsoft i do, but i daresay its a local mirror).

    • Yeah Microsoft and a lot of other high profile sites have content mirroring providers in most locations. I think MS actually use Akamai which iiNet has a node for.

    • I’m with Internode – I usually synch at 24mb/s and can reach download speeds of 18-19mb/s on adsl2+.
      The advantages to being so close to the exchange! (1-2 blocks away)

  • Pretty dodgy site..
    I plug in my SA postcode and top of the “list of recommendations for my area” is Optus Cable.
    We don’t have Optus Cable in SA! It never happened.
    I don’t even have Telstra/Foxtel cable in my street for some reason.. Every other street has it!

  • I saw this article on a news website yesterday. It is the most ridiculous bit of trash journalism. The speed test was done using the “experts” own speedtest server. A comparison between using their speed test and my ISPs showed theirs significantly lower than my ISPs result (like almost 10 times lower). The article was simply free advertising to drive traffic to the experts website. What a load of bollocks.

  • I don’t see a lot of ISPs in that list. And the number of tests is probably enough to sway the results. 62 spin tests vs 2000+ Optus ones? No wonder Optus averaged higher.

  • The title of this is very misleading – I’ve not found an ISP that promises the theoretical maximum. I think you’ll find many ISPs that do deliver on their promise of minimum speed guarantees however.

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